The Grumpy Valentine

by Marilyn Wolpin (For Susannah Hill’s Valentiny Contest February 2021)

Hearts. Roses.
Glitter. Glue.
Bah! Phooey!
Not me. Ewww!

Teacher says,
“Make a valentine for everyone.”
I won’t do it. No, I won’t.
I don’t like anyone.
And no one likes me.

I cross my arms.
I scowl. I pout.
“Cut out hearts. Color them in.”
Nope. I won’t.
No one gets a heart from me.
You’ll see.

Wait! What’s this?
An envelope?
“Will you be my valentine?”
Signed Emily?

Someone likes me?
Emily? I like her.
She sings out loud.
She swings a wicked baseball bat.
I play baseball. I sing. Sorta.

Where’s my crayon?
Where’s my heart?
“Will you …
be my …

Glitter, glue.
Now I’m through.
I sit and stare at the scribbly-scrabble.
Will she like it?
A little bit?

I stare. I sit.
I think. I blink.
Can I give it?
Do I dare?

Finally …
I inch up
to her chair.

Author: Marilyn Wolpin

BRING BACK THE BABKA! Coming Fall of 2023 from Barefoot Books. Member SCBWI, 12x12PB Challenge; graduate of Children's Book Academy; children's book author; cruciverbalist; NYMets fan; cat and chocolate lover

8 thoughts on “The Grumpy Valentine”

  1. Ha ha! This was fun to read. And I am glad the narrator found a kindred spirit in Emily. I love how the personality comes through in the opening stanzas/paragraphs. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, I was looking online for courses on writing a picture book and I stumbled on this Valentiny contest.
    I enjoyed reading the contest submissions. I really liked your story.
    The cadence was pleasing and it was fun and easy to follow along. I was rooting for the valentine to be less grumpy! Good luck.
    Audrey Dean
    Exeter, New Hampshire

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Valentines Day can be tough for those who aren’t big fans of glitter and pink hearts 😊 You did a nice job of bringing your MC around just enough to make it satisfying and believable. I think Emily and the MC are destined to be friends!

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