Open Skies by Marilyn Wolpin

(For Spring Fling Kidlit Writing Contest 2022)

Breeze is blowing

Now I’m going –

Up this mound

To higher ground.

With painted wing

Tied to a string.

I’ll toss it high

Up to the sky!

Hold that line

then slow… unwind.

Weave and run

Reach for the sun!

Flags flap and flip.

Watch out! Don’t trip!

It drops and dives –

It’s so alive!

It swoops and glides

On windy tides.

Look! That’s new!

Once one, now two.

We greet and smile.

This is a trial –

A test to see

If two can be

A playful pair

Up in the air!

We dive and dart,

First meet then part.

Twisting, curling

Spinning, swirling.

Two kites glide –

They’re side by side.

Soon the breeze

Begins to ease.

So down and down

Kites glide to ground.

When clouds and sun

Call, “Come, have fun!”

When winds are right

Two kites take flight.

When skies are blue

Now me …

and you.