Successes in Crazy 2020

Children’s author Julie Hedlund, challenged her followers to post successes in crazy 2020 on our blogs this year instead of resolutions. Since I never saddle myself with resolutions because they are generally impossible to achieve, I decided to participate in Julie’s Anti-Resolution Revolution! Successes in 2020, what with COVID and all the changes it wrought, should be especially celebrated, no matter how big or how small. So here is my list of picture book writing successes for 2020:

  • Attended many events including, SCBWI’s Summer Spectacular, Rutger’s University’s Council on Children’s Literature, one of Julie Hedlund’s courses, Children’s Book Academy’s PBPalooza.
  • Wrote a non-fiction manuscript and had it read and critiqued by an agent. She generally did not like it. Rewrote same non-fiction picture book another 25 times and read it to an editor, who loved it, revised it, sent it to two other editors and an agent. The agent responded positively, but an editor was even more positive and after two more revisions it is on her desk once more.
  • Participated in two Twitter pitch parties.
  • Wrote four or five new books, some good, some bad.
  • Attended a webinar on writing in rhyme
  • Read many, many picture books in many genres: especially non fiction, rhyme, fiction, humor, Jewish themed.
  • Met and even had a telephone conversation with one of my favorite non-fiction kids’ books authors.
  • Wrote a children’s poem and entered it into a contest.
  • Wrote a dozen COVID-related haikus and just entered one into a contest.
  • Met a new critique partner.
  • Joined several children’s-writers Facebook groups.
  • Participate in a weekly critique partner group.
  • Made it through 2020 without getting sick.

I know this is supposed to be an anti-resolution post, but I do have one goal for 2021: to find and sign on with THE agent.

I can’t wait to kiss 2020 goodbye and wish us all a much, much better 2021.

Author: Marilyn Wolpin

BRING BACK THE BABKA! Coming Fall of 2023 from Barefoot Books. Member SCBWI, 12x12PB Challenge; graduate of Children's Book Academy; children's book author; cruciverbalist; NYMets fan; cat and chocolate lover

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